Horse Show Fun!!

It's like watching poetry in motion.

Many of our riders and horses compete at shows across the state, and we get together at the barn for our own special events from time to time. You can keep up with the latest news and find out more about the team here.

What is a Show Team and how do you get on one?

Show Team is a group of committed equestrians who work hard honing their riding skills every week and compete at the monthly shows in the Central Florida area. To be on our Show Team you must first be assesed by our trainer and then be willing to committ to riding 2 to 3 times per week, one of the times being a group Show Team lesson. We have a lot of fun together, have a lot of extra time to bond with our horeses and ponies while we are getting them ready for the shows, and support each other throughout the whole process. If you are interested in learning more and wanting to join in the fun, please contact us to find out more informantion about our amazing Show Team. Thank you!

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