Sales & Leases

Half Leasing Available.

Half leases for $550 per month are available on many of our horses and ponies. Our horses and ponies that are available for half lease are proven in the show ring, well trained, and we have a variety that will suit all levels of riding. With your half lease you will have one 30 minute lesson per week, plus the opportunity to come out two more times per week and ride while our tranier is present. You will be responisible for  the grooming and bathing of your horse after each ride. Please note that if the rider is under 18 years old, parental supervision is required.

We also have horses and ponies for sale. So, please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing a horse or pony and would like more information.

**Please note that we only accept payment in the form of cash or via the friends and family option on PayPal (

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